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Research Committee
This committee shall seek to promote and encourage astronomical research and related activities for its membership (such as projects in astronomical imaging, photometry, spectroscopy, lunar occultation measurements, solar and lunar eclipse studies, and solar flare and sunspot monitoring as well as studies of an historical and astro-archeological nature).

Orange Ball Double Star Report

Orange Ball Prior Research Committee Highlights

Committee Chair: Tony Sharfman

Committee Meetings: 

Date: January 8, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Sperry Observatory

Visual and CCD Observation of Variable Stars
   (A 20-minute presentation)
  • What Are Variable Stars
  • Why Observe Them
  • Why Amateurs Are Needed
  • How to Observe Visually and by CCD
  • AAVSO Resources
  • AAI Resources
Discussion: Existing Projects
  • Variable Stars - Report by Nirav Shah
  • Double Stars - Report by Al Gottlieb
New Project Sugestions
  • Exo-planets
  • Super Novas
  • Radio Telescope
Assignment and/or re-assignment of Project Leads.

Update of Active Committee Members and Email List

If you have any questions about the Research Committee, our goals, and how you can join, send a note to Tony Sharfman.

All materials for this committee are available in the aaigroup on Yahoo. If you are already subscribed to aaigroup, click here to access the Files Section.

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