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Membership and Dues Information

It is more important than ever to keep your contact info current in the Membership Database. Failure to do so will very likely result in your missing announcements that can affect your participation in the club.

Article VI Section 3 of the bylaws states in part, "An email sent to the latest address in the roster maintained by the Membership Committee constitutes sufficient means of notice for all communications of the corporation with members".

Click here for a copy of the membership application form.

Membership in Amateur Astronomers, Inc. is open to anyone 12 years of age or older who has a genuine interest in astronomy.

Membership is for a period of one year, and is renewable at the end of that year.

Member benefits include:
1) Access to Sperry Observatory and its facilities
2) Eligibility to qualify to use two of the largest telescopes of their kind available to amateurs in New Jersey
3) Access to the UACNJ dark sky site at Jenny Jump State Forest
4) Discounts on subscriptions to Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines
Note: S & T normal rate is $42.95. Members pay $32.95.
Astronomy normal rate is $40.80. Members pay $34.00.
5) Our monthly newsletter The Asterism, .... and much more
For more information, contact membership@asterism.org or see more below.


REGULAR: The most common type of membership. For any individual who meets the membership criteria. Yearly dues at this time are $25.00 per person.

SUSTAINING: The same as Regular membership, except the applicant is giving a $15.00 donation to AAI over and above regular membership dues. Yearly dues at this time are $40.00 per person.

SPONSOR: The same as Regular membership, except the applicant is giving a $30.00 donation to AAI over and above regular membership dues. Yearly dues at this time are $55.00 per person.

FAMILY: This type of membership allows family members to join AAI together at a reduced dues rate of $10.00 each. One member of the family must be at Regular, Sustaining, or Sponsor membership. A family member is defined as a person related to, and living in the same household as, the regular member.


If you renew before the month in which your membership expires, your membership will be extended one extra month.

Membership Application Form

Click on the button below to bring up the Membership Application Form.

Print out the application from your browser. Print (or photocopy) a copy of the application for each person applying for membership. Use smallest possible font size for best alignment of form.

Please mail in your application with your check or money order (do not send cash in the mail) to the following address.


Hand the application ONLY to the Membership Chair at any AAI meeting.

Amateur Astronomers, Inc.
Membership Committee
P.O. Box 111
Garwood, NJ 07027-0111

Your application for membership will be presented at the next Executive Committee meeting for approval. When you are approved, you will receive confirmation by mail from our membership committee. Welcome to AAI!

Application Form

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